L. Williams

Hungry Games
Michael Madrigali
October 8 - November 18, 2016

From a car window - the colors and lights of Tokyo’s neon glow at night blur by. In the backseat Michael (early thirties but boyish), tired and depressed, leans against a little doily headrest cover, staring out the window. We see buildings covered in bright animated signs. Michael’s taxi pulls up to the entrance of a modern high rise. The taxi’s automatic door opens up as Michael gets out. Elegant bellhops wearing white gloves approach at the sight of the car, welcoming Michael and helping him with his bags. Michael stands in the back of the elevator crowded with animals from the African savannah: an gazelle, zebra and ostrich all minding their own business. The elevator stops at the 50th floor and the doors open onto the massive, streamline lobby of the hotel. Michael follows his multi-species elevator mates out into the marble and glass lobby that frames the view of Tokyo.

Michael Madrigali (b. 1985, Santa Barbara, CA) lives and works in Chicago.