L. Williams

Demolition Boys! (The Light From a Room Where Others Are)
Nick Grasso
October 17 - November 8, 2015


we watch them on the second story of a dull hotel, a scrubby dune, behind the windshield of a small car. we watch through our clear glass window, our aluminum mesh, our iron bars: shades drawn. through the television screen in a bar.

they meet regular with no means, as we always see when they do. the recollection of a certain memory flits past. beyond the other side of the hotel, the horizon has lost its last traces of color. night is falling.

we feel vibrations of doors shut, limned through lath and plaster walls. their voices are often muted by hot water rushing through pipes as they wash and make us drinks. how can we show this to you?

the image is made rich by repetition not pauce. how but for seeing you again can i show you? we see what lies below every crumpled t-shirt on the unswept floor. the bulbs in our bathroom mirror and in the hotel room fillip our brows, now perspiring, with the corner’s fresh fruit, moisture trapped in a plastic bag.

from this distance we cannot hear them when they talk. all we can see is their face their words are few.

because at eye height, to see them we crouch or tiptoe. we can only see them when they pass back and forth, in line with the window, at the back of the room, and only more than once. the expressions on their faces, ours, are also so much alike.


Nick Grasso (American, b. 1992) grew up mostly in Maryland and now lives and works in Chicago, IL. He currently serves as the Logan Center Shop Manager at the University of Chicago. Nick earned a BA in Philosophy with a Minor in Art from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon (2014). He has spent the past few summers at Ox-Bow School of Art and Residency as a LeRoy Neiman Fellow and on staff as the Metals Studio Manager.

Nick has exhibited his work in Chicago at Alcatraz Chicago, and most recently at Ballroom Projects. He has exhibited nationally at Arnold Gallery in Portland, The Casket Arts Complex in Minneapolis and has a sculpture on view at Franconia Sculpture Park in Franconia, MN.